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Office plants = better work environment.

Looking to increase productivity and job satisfaction?

Gnomesy makes it easy.

How it works

Our Gnome Coaches provide digital support for businesses who are interested in providing employee-driven green space.

Whether you want to add a little greenery to welcome employees and visitors, or provide a personal bit of nature for every desk/workspace, our gnome coaches have you covered. They send automatic care reminders and plant health support to encourage daily interaction with nature in a way that fits your space. 

  1. Find your fit
  2. Pick your digital support level
  3. Get automatic care instruction
  4. Track your progress and chat with your gnome coach
  5. Enjoy your flourishing green space

Your Gnome Coach™ Connection.

Transforming your workplace into a  green-haven is within reach. Our Gnome Coaches provide automatic digital support through every step of the process. Every level is tailored to your needs from those who entrust their greenery to a resident plant expert to those who want everyone to get in on the fun.

We recommend the perfect plant, and its supplies, for your setting and preferences. Sit back and enjoy your space. Our gnome coach team sends automatic care reminders along with the tips and tricks to keep your plants happy. 

Get the whole team involved by turning your plant journey into an a fun team building experience that promotes collaboration and a healthy environment.

Which Digital Support Plan is Right for you?


Have a remote team of that you want to engage while encouraging productivity and mental health? Oasis is here for you. Get everything in Garden plus a custom team engagement experience.


Have a larger space with a lot of plants? Want special project instructions or remote team building ideas? This might be for you. Get everything in Accent and one on one support for indoor and outdoor plants. Comes with plant life insurance.


Just the basics. Gnome coach plant care reminders and general plant recommendations. Perfect for a cube or home office situation