Our Story

Gnomesy was born out of the belief that everyone deserves to be in a space they love. For most of us, that includes some green. Since many of us spend a lot of our time at work, why not bring nature inside with us?

With this seed of an idea, I built Gnomesy to help myself and others bring mental balance to a life that is a whirlwind of work, commute, email at home, chores and very little time in nature. I love my life, chaos and all, but know I could be healthier. Studies show that time in nature to reset our minds and relieve anxiety. Armed with this knowledge I applied my newfound knowledge to my own life. I started by simply adding a plant to my space. Pausing to breath and look at my plant helped me focus. I know I am not alone in feeling grounded by nature and discovered first hand that empowering employees with chronic anxiety can be overwhelming. 

As I continued my journey, I spoke with and read about horticultural therapists who use plant therapy to improve mental health. Why not make nature available to those who just need to be able to pause for a brief, mindful moment? Rather than wait for a crisis, why not anchor ourselves by adding nature in our space? Why not add it where we spend most of our time? At work. I believe pauses near nature help us recharge and remain engaged. 

I strongly believe that employee engagement impacts strongly impacts productivity. Feeling ownership over a space plays a huge role in that engagement.

Why not empower everyone to feel ownership over their workspace in a way that has been proven to reduce anxiety and help with focus all while cleaning our air?

What we do

Gnomesy provides support to companies who want to supply green space in a way that encourages engagement and productivity. With our help, you can empower your team, remote or on-site to choose greenery that fits their space and care profiles positive outcomes to everyone working in the company. The result is beautiful green space without the overhead required to bring in a company who oversees plants.

Using our Gnome Coach support system, we match plants to environments and provide automated instructions, support and team building to empower the employees to build a community around green space in their environment.


Joella Gamon, Founder