Brown spots are a disease that, if untreated can spread and kill your plant. If caught early, they are easy to treat and your plant will be fine. Follow the instructions to get started. These directions are best for plants who’s leaves are still 50% their normal color.

Gather your supplies

  • Scissors to trim leaves
  • Your plant
  • Gloves – These are optional
  • 10% bleach solution for cleanup

Trim Your Plant

  • Give your plant a haircut by pruning off the brown spots – it’s ok to cut partial leaves away. Your plant might look funny, but it’ll grow back

Clean the Scissors

  • Use the 10% bleach solution to clean your scissors and protect other plants from getting the same disease

Feed Your Plant

  • Follow your plant’s workout schedule and instructions and make sure you feed your plant the next time it needs water

Congratulations! You are on the way to giving your plant its best chance to thrive. Remember, some plants are just grumpy and don’t love your house. It’s not you.

Keep calm gnome matter what. . .

-Tonti, Gnome Coach