Give a plant care kit for the holidays

Give the gift of happy plants.

Indoor Plant Care Kit

This holiday season, give a plant care kit and give the gift of a happy plant! This plant care kit has everything you need to make taking care of your plant easy. This kit is pretty enough to sit on a desk but small enough to fit in a drawer. Keep your plant’s supplies where they live and give it some water, prune its leaves or clean its pores right at your desk, in your living room, or kitchen, or bathroom . . . you get the idea: Perfect for beginners and gardening pros this provides everything you need for convenient plant maintenance. Don’t have a plant? Pair the kit with clipping from one of yours or support your local greenhouse!

  • Desk-sized, spill-resistant watering bottle
  • Protective cork plant mat (not pictured)
  • Pruning tool to keep your plant looking their best
  • Microfiber cloth to keep your plant’s pores clean
  • Plant food in a convenient

About Us

At Gnomesy, we believe it’s about the journey as much as the destination. In addition to quirky plant-care tools for regular people, you can sign up for plant workout schedules. This is because we believe that it’s easier to keep plants alive with a little help. That’s why we have Gnome coaches. Your Plant Care Kit will arrive with an option to sign up for plant support.

Sign up to Find out which care team your plant is on and if they are living their best life. Plant Teams make it easy to known if your plant likes a a lot of water and frequent mistings or is fine in a dark room with the occasional frantic water dousing. No matter what team your plant is on, we have a Gnome Coach for you. They send care instructions weekly and are standing by to take a look at your plant’s picture and let you know if that brown leaf is normal or if you should break out the neem oil and repotting kit. Have a pet who likes to nibble and need a quick check on pet friendly plants? Text your Gnome Coach . They want to help.