• Everything in Garden
  • Automated gnome coaching for 150 seats
  • Manage up to 200 plants
  • Expedited Gnome Coach Email Support for all seats within business day
  • Replacements for plants that die despite gnome coaching*
  • Personalized content on team building and engagement
  • Prizes for team involvement**
  • Gift for every participant in program


  • Everything in Accent
  • Gnome coach access for 2 people
  • Manage up to 35 plants
  • Priority Gnome Coach Email Support within 2 business days
  • Free content on healthy team-building activities
  • Add any plant to the greenhouse^


  • Everything in basic
  • Gnome assisted plant match
  • Automated gnome coaching for 1 seat
  • First 15 plants in your plant library are added by the gnomes
  • PersonalGnome Coach Support on plant questions within business days
  • Replacement for plants that die despite gnome coaching*
  • Plant care starter kit when you sign up for a year


  • Automated gnome coaching for 1 seat
  • PersonalGnome Coach Support on plant questions within week

*Not all greenhouses, growers are equal. Because of this, in order to qualify for a warranty, plants must be purchased through Gnomesy or proof of purchase provided from a grower that Gnomesy has approved. Contact us and let us help you make the process hassle-free. When honoring plant replacements or warranty, we will look for documented evidence that a gnome coach was contacted and every effort was made to save the plant.

^Plants not purchased from Gnomesy are ineligible for replacement unless specifically agreed to by Gnomesy

**Team involvement will be defined by Gnomesy. It may include, but is not limited to, early reporting of plant problems, low plant death numbers and outstanding team achievement.

***Business day defined as between the hours of 8am and 6pm east coast time

Let’s build something together.