How It Works


Studies have shown that office plants have a positive effect on work environment, but finding the right plants for your space and keeping track of their care can be time-consuming. That's where we come in. 

Find your Greenhaven fit
Answer a few simple questions about your business and employees to get you integrated in our garden gnome support system! Tell us the kind of space you need to fill, what it looks like, how big your team is and where they fall on the plant care personality spectrum. 

Meet the plants that will be a good partner for your space. 

Pick your digital support level

Confirm how much Gnome Coach support you need. Add plants and supplies to your order. Prefer to purchase locally? No problem!* Simply sign up for the digital subscription and let us know which plants you have, and they can be added to your virtual greenhouse for care alerts and coaching. 

Onboarding a team? We are here to help. Complete your purchase and we will be in touch to smooth the way.

Enterprise options are available. 
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Get automatic care instructions
Your gnome coach will make it easy to go green! Always know exactly when and how to care for your plants. 

We don't stop there. In addition to basic reminders, receive advice and how to know what your plant is telling you. 

Find out more about what your plants are telling you, and contact your gnome coach
Login to your online greenhouse to find out more about your plants and for a quick troubleshooting guide. Chat with your gnome coach or send pictures about any concerns or successes.

Enjoy your flourishing greenspace
(Coming Soon) Stay involved and gather badges and rewards along the way. 

Our top-tier supports a gnome coach for everyone. Each individual gets their own gnome coach. Work together to enjoy friendly competition and team building activities with a fresh twist. Build out a green haven to keep anxiety low and engagement high. 

 *Warranty restrictions apply