This is a traditional garden. It can be shaped the same way as a flower bed. Pros are they are the easiest to create. Cons (only for some) it can be hard on those with well-loved backs and knees.

Traditional Look

This will require a little more planning and prep. Kits can be purchased to ease assembly.

Wood and Metal

These can be purchased already fabricated or made from found objects. The finish will vary.

Custom Project

These are best for a corner spot. Kits are available or they can be custom built. The finished look depends on the skill and/or patience of the builder.

Found Objects

This option is cost effective and environmentally friendly. Plan to spend time scavenging for items to salvage. The aesthetic may not be as finished as other options, but it will be very sustainable.

Rustic Look

This will require a purchased, plastic liner. It can be made more sustainable by repurposing pallets.

Pouch Garden

Almost as quick as in-ground, these pouches are inexpensive and often made from recycled material. They are easy to move if one is testing different configurations and doesn’t want to commit to a full excavation.