Starter Kit - No Pruning Tool

Starter Kit - No Pruning Tool

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This kit, with a small pruning tool is perfect for plants, like Felix the Snake Plant and Lucy the Echeveria who don't rely on haircuts to look their best. 

Your Gnomesy starter kit includes everything you need to take care of your plant:


You can stop using that water glass from your kitchen now. Gnome Coach approved water bottles include measurements, yes, they are in milliliters, but think of how scientific you'll feel! This way you will always know exactly how much water you are giving a plant!


We wouldn’t want water getting on that hardwood, wood we?


Plants like clean pores too! Keep your plant in top air filtering performance by wiping off its leaves to remove dust and debris.


Every plant likes a different amount of food, many just enjoy water. Make sure you are ready if your plant gets hangry. Our Alpaca Poop 

Large starter kits come with the same tools, but scaled to handle more plants easily.