Gather your supplies

  • A mild bleach solution 10 parts water to 1 part bleach is best. You can use another antibacterial cleaner if bleach is not possible.
  • Potting soil – You can find a small amount from a local garden center or on the Gnomesy website if you need some
  • Poop Pods – This is the safest food to bring a plant back
  • Gloves – These are optional
  • Container for replanting (if you are changing pots

Get rid of bacteria and prep the water

  • Wash the pot you are planning on using just like you would a dirty dish. Mild soap and water or, depending on the material, dishwashers can be a good alternative.
  • Take the clean pot and spray it with your bleach solution to kill any harmful bacterial. This step is good practice with a distressed plant to be sure that any traces of root rot or mold are removed.
  • Let the disinfected pot air dry for a minimum of 10 minutes
  • While it dries, start a batch of Mary’s Poop plant food

Clean the Roots

  • Carefully remove the plant from its current pot. If you plan to repot it in the same pot, it is ok to let it sit in a box while you follow the previous steps to clean its habitat
  • Remove as much soil as possible from the roots
  • Remove damaged and brown leavs

Repot your Plant

  • Time to put your plant into it’s new environment
  • Water with your prepared Poop Water until you see a bit of water draining out the bottom of the pot. Save any liquid that drains from the bottom of your plant for reuse later (or throw it out)

Congratulations! You are on the way to giving your plant its best chance to thrive. Remember, some plants are just grumpy and don’t love your house. It’s not you.

Keep calm gnome matter what. . .

-Tonti, Gnome Coach